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Butterball Turkey Fryers

Butterball has been cooking turkeys for decades and itís no surprise that their turkey fryers are some of the most popular in sales. These fryers arenít much different stylistically speaking than other manufacturers, but with the name Butterball attached to the product, you know youíre getting a high-quality product. Our Butterball Turkey Fryers at FireforLess.com come in various sizes to accommodate the size of the meal youíre about to cook. The ease of a Butterball Turkey Fryer means you can enjoy this delicious meal anytime of the year.

So why choose a Butterball electric fryer over the traditional deep fryer? The Butterball fryers use up to one-third less oil than a conventional fryer with its condensed molded chamber that snugly fits any size turkey up to 20 lbs. This modern fryer is thermostatically heated and has a built-in timer so it knows how long you want it to cook, meaning it is a much safer alternative compared to normal deep fryers. The folding lid keeps oil from splashing out and also keeps the scent and oil particles off your kitchen surfaces. It comes with a specially designed cooking basket with a handle and drain hook making removal of the turkey from the hot oil both simple and safe. And cleanup is a breeze with an oil drain valve and dishwasher safe, removable porcelain-coated pot. And best of all, turkey is not the only food option you have while using a fryer; fry donuts, fruit turnovers, chicken, French Fries, fish, Cornish game hen, or you can cook up to 6 to 8 lbs. of crab legs depending on the size of the fryer youíre purchasing.

If you love fried turkey, purchasing a Butterball electric fryer is the clear choice for you. Not only do they offer a sleek, stylish design that wonít overload your kitchen counter and versatility in cooking more than just turkey, but they are safer to use indoors, less messy and easier to clean than propane gas models, and you can use them all year round.

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