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Electric Heating Stoves

Electric heating stoves are arguably the most convenient heating stove. With little to no setup, barring removing the heater from the package and simply plugging the stove into any standard electrical outlet, electric heating stoves are a fast, reliable source for heat, or if youíre just looking for that fireplace feel, you can purchase an electric fireplace without heat capabilities. Compared to wood stoves and alternative-fuel stoves, electric stoves do not require ventilation systems making them great choices for your rental property and/or apartment in the city. Electric stoves are actually incredibly diverse, but three types are most prevalent: electric fireplaces, electric stand-alone stoves, and electric logs. Fireplaces, in addition to offering a non-heating option, are typically built to fit into an existing fireplace opening. The stand-alone models mimic the similar wood and gas stand-alone models, but of course require none of the hookups or maintenance of those other hassling choices. Electric logs are a simulacrum of the old fashioned fireplace and are placed inside a stone or brick fireplace, plugged in and youíre ready to go. These might be suitable for older homes which still have a fireplace and mantel but where open fires are no longer required or permitted. The designs of an electric log set might be that of burning pieces of wood, or maybe glowing embers, or some other instance of an actual fire. One significant advantage of electric heating stoves is their efficiency in heat output. Whereas gas stoves provide an 80% heat output, and wood stoves provide only a 60% capacity for heat output, electric stoves emit 100% of its heat output. Nothing is wasted with electric heaters because they require no ventilation systems or flues.

Electric heating stoves do however have a few drawbacks. Electric power is generally more expensive than wood or gas heating. However, advancements in electric heaters and stoves have pushed energy efficiency to incredible lengths. Some models (this superb Dimplex model for instance), cost only 3¢/hour w/o heat, and 8¢/hour w/ heat. Thatís nice on the olí pocketbook. But perhaps the biggest drawback to electric heaters, especially when they are used as the solitary means of heat, is the requirement of electricity for operating. If the power is out and you have no generator, youíre sans a source of warmth until power is reconnected.

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