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Electric Turkey Fryers

Electric turkey fryers are fast becoming the most popular fryers when it comes to frying a turkey. Evaluating electric and propane gas turkey fryers, electric fryers are comparable in almost every capacity, and also offer the added peace of mind of safety.

If you’ve been looking at turkey fryers and hate all the pieces that come with propane gas fryers, you’ll instantly fall for an electric turkey fryer. There’re no tubes. There’s no propane tank. Just plug this guy in and you’ll be ready to go. And just because you have to plug it in doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your fryer outside. If you have an outdoor outlet, or can use an extension cord, or even connect your fryer to a car adaptor, electric fryers are more than just indoor fryers. Electric fryers take up far less space than normal gas fryers, mostly because there are no tubes or propane tanks. Electric fryers rest conveniently on your counter or any flat surface. Electric fryers, however, do take a little more time to heat the oil than the propane gas models, but they are generally easier to maintain the cooking temperature once the desired 350° is met. Electric models come standard with a temperature knob for easy adjustment.

Compared to propane gas models, electric fryer models are far and away the safer option in deep fryers. Gas models must be lit with an open flame and should some or all of the oil spill, it can turn a relaxing cookout into a disaster in no time at all. That’s why most people have turned to the electric models over the years. Even though electric turkey fryers are more expensive, they offer the benefit of a mostly worry-free meal. But with propane gas models, you'll be paying for more gas, so in the long-run, electric ends up being cheaper. Don’t just take my word for it. Go ahead and get yourself a fryer and join the chorus of millions around the country already enjoying this succulent delight.

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