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Gas Log Sets

Gas log sets are a great alternative to buying a traditional heating stove. Heating stoves, whether insert stoves being placed inside an existing fireplace, or stand-alone stoves that will be placed in a room, often require a little bit more preparation and installation than gas log sets. While there is certainly some installation requirements for natural gas and propane gas log sets, they offer the traditional look and feel of an actual fire without the mess.

Gas log sets are generally made of ceramic and resemble a pile of burning, charred logs. These log sets are placed inside an existing fireplace where they will burn safely and securely. The only installation needed is to connect the gas log set to your gas line. But before purchasing a gas log set, you should know several differences between gas log models.

There are two types of gas logs you can purchase, based on your housing needs. Vented gas log sets require an open chimney to vent smoke and burning fuel. So, your current fireplace must be fully functioning. The smoke and gas is vented through the chimney opening while heat is radiated out into the room. Many of these models come with some flexibility in how the ceramic pieces stack up, so you can reposition the set to your sensibilities. Vented gas log sets are the most popular style. Then there are vent-free gas log sets. These, obviously, do not require an operating chimney or ventilation system, but still could be installed where there is ventilation. These sets are more efficient in radiating heat throughout the room, as no heat is lost through the vents or chimney. However, vent-free sets generally are not able to be repositioned, so the design you see on the package, in store, or online is how the set will always look.

Another consideration to be made before purchasing is what type of fireplace you have. This, for reasons already stated, will partially decide whether you need a venting set, or a vent-free one. But, there is also some considerations in the look of your gas log set within the fireplace. Most fireplaces will probably be built into your home in the wall. So, most gas log sets are only one-sided and will only face outward. However, more modern, artistic architectural designs might place a fireplace in the center of a room, or at least sit out away from the wall where viewing the gas log set might be possible from more than one side. In these rarer instances, some gas log sets are designed with a 360° panoramic view so the set has the look and feel of a real fire no matter what side you’re seeing it from.

Gas log sets can also be installed to light in several different ways. The most common and least expensive method is simple match lighting. But you can also configure your gas log sets to light by remote control to really impress your friends.

Once you’ve decided on all these things, the only thing left to do is measure your fireplace so you can find the log set that fits best in your home. After that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tradition of a real burning fire in your home in these contemporary times.

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