How To Grill, Using Your BBQ and Barbecues
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How To Grill, Using Your BBQ and Barbecues

Barbecue, barbeque, or BBQ, depending on your colloquial region, has become an American tradition and BBQ Grills are a staple of the suburban backyard, the park on a warm summer day, or the terrace overlooking a busy city street. Barbecue has a storied past originating in the Caribbean, according to many historians. After European settlers came to the Americas, learning the culinary habits of many Native American tribes and taking those practices back to other colonies and Europe, barbecue rapidly spread throughout many regions of the world. Barbecue by its very nature is a subjective culinary art, and throughout the centuries certain regional practices have assimilated into the barbecue, each offering their own style, tastes, and flavorings.

But picking the right spices and herbs, rubs or 'mops', salts or sauces, to dress your meat is only one piece of the BBQ. Picking the right barbecue grill for your needs can be difficult, even for the most seasoned grillers. And for the novice griller, whether you're planning intermittent cookouts, or interested in becoming a true pit-master, picking the most suitable grill for you and your family can be a tough choice. That's why there are so many grill choices: charcoal, gas (both Natural Gas and Propane grills), electric, smokers and BBQ pits, propane campfires, and outdoor stoves and turkey fryers. Each of these grill types offers an array of benefits and vastly differentiates the final outcome of your meal.

Many may associate barbecue with heavy, greasy food, but that doesn't have to be the case. Barbecue offers many surprising health benefits when grilling meat or vegetables. Just as it is with stovetop cooking, it's important that the food cooked on a grill is prepared properly, especially cooking meats to a safe temperature without overcooking and lacing the food with harmful carcinogens.

So take a tour as we guide you through everything you need to know about barbecue. Learn the rich traditions of barbecue's past, the wide variety of grills that are offered in the marketplace, and how grilling food can be just as beneficial to your health as stovetop cooking. Whatever your BBQ needs, here at we'll help make that decision easier by providing all the information you need to find the grill that is right for you.

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