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Indoor Turkey Fryers

Indoor Turkey Fryers are essentially the same thing as electric turkey fryers. Most people and manufacturers discourage use of gas fryers indoors. Burning propane gas emits carbon monoxide, which can be lethal if burned indoors and not ventilated properly. Also, gas deep fryers are larger and generally more oil is needed. The more hot oil you have, it stands to reason the greater chance youíll have for a spill, a fire, or an injury.

Indoor turkey fryers are the preferred choice for many families in the U.S. Indoor fryers are heated using an electric heating method, meaning you have no open flames burning, no tubing, and especially no bulky propane tanks to lug around with you. If you can find a plug, you can fry a turkey. Indoor fryers use thermostatic heating to warm the oil, so there is no fire burning. Typically, the sleek design of the molded chamber hugs the turkey closely so you use about one-third less oil than in the stock pot fryer models. Indoor fryer models are also designed with a folding lid to keep oil particles from filtering into the air coating your kitchen counters and cupboards, as well as immure the scent of the boiling oil inside the chamber. And when the meal is done, clean up is made simple and easy with drain valves and removable molded chambers that normally can be thrown right into the dishwasher. Indoor turkey fryers take up very little counter space to comparable gas models. And best of all, if you love turkey, you can enjoy fried turkey all year round since these fryers are so easy to set up, to use, and to clean. And donít just limit yourself to turkey either. Fill the chamber with water so you can steam fish, vegetables, and a plethora of other goodies. Fry donuts, fruit turnovers, French Fries and chicken wings when turkey isnít tempting your palette. Turkey fryers offer versatility from the once a year feast. Donít wait any longer. Once you taste turkey fried, never again taste turkey dried. ô

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