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Masterbuilt Turkey Fryers

Since 1973, Masterbuilt has been providing Americans with quality products. The company started right out of the backyard of Dawson McLemore, where he and his son furnished bakers racks, fern stands, and ornamental ironwork. Dawson would have a second son, and he too from an early age began work for the company. Dawson sought to instill a sense of duty, of high work ethic in his sons. Each week the boys would venture out with a truckload full of bakers racks and cookers calling on propane dealerships and furniture stores trying to sell their family-owned products. And before each time they pulled out of the driveway, before the roar of the diesel faded into the distance, Dawson issued a challenge to his sons: donít return until the truck is empty. Dawson sons, John and Donís willful acceptance of their fatherís challenge inculcated a deep sense of innovation, perseverance, and good old-fashioned hard work still iconic in the brand today.

For all these reasons, Masterbuilt has been a leading innovator in outdoor products and has grown substantially through the years. Along with their notable products above, Masterbuilt now manufactures outdoor grills, smokers, propane-fueled fryers, automotive cargo carriers, bike racks, as well as industry firsts Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryers and Hitch Haul Cargo Carriers. With John sitting as President and CEO, while Don sits as the Vice President and COO, the brothers continue to innovate, create, and expand the company both domestically and overseas from their hometown community in Columbus, Georgia.

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