Outdoor Stoves, Outdoor Burners, and Outdoor Turkey Fryers
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Outdoor Stoves, Outdoor Burners, and Outdoor Turkey Fryers

Outdoor stoves and fryers provide a unique alternative to the traditional grill. Ranging in various sizes and styles, no matter what you want to cook, or how much cooking space you need, finding an outdoor stove or fryer will not be difficult.

With so many styles to choose from, it's hard to list every kind of outdoor stove or fryer. For starters, some outdoor stoves are simply a burning surface set up on a tripod pedestal. There may be just one burner, but there could be two, three, or even up to four. Similar to a stove top, these surfaces are not made to put food directly on them. You have to set a cooking grate over the top, or use a pan or kettle. Some outdoor cookers are for specific kinds of food and come with a kettle or pan already. Other outdoor cookers are a grill/stovetop combination. These might be small units made to set on a countertop, or they may be mounted on legs. The most versatile models have foldable legs for easy storage and travel. And then there are some sophisticated outdoor units with a stove.

Versatility is a big bonus with outdoor stoves and fryers. The surface area is just one aspect of an outdoor stove that is highly flexible to your needs. Many outdoor stoves can be accessorized with a griddle surface or, as mentioned above, a BBQ grate for grilling. The multi-burner stoves are great for preparing every part of your meal. Handiness doesn't end there though for the outdoor stoves. Many models are mounted on legs, so you can prepare your food without bending over to the ground. And if you want to take your outdoor stove traveling with you, many models offer detachable or foldable legs making it easier to move and store your stove when not in use.

Fryers are also a convenient way to enjoy the foods you love out on your patio or in the woods. And there're so many styles to choose from. Have you been frying your Thanksgiving turkey like many others over the past few years? This popular trend shows that the market for fryers will only become more diverse through the coming years. When choosing a fryer, it's important to understand a few things. First, fryers are generally very large. The stockpot comes in all sorts of sizes and can exceed 50QT. Fryers are convenient, especially when cooking a turkey, because they cook food much faster than in a traditional oven and leave the bird moist and flavorful. Outdoor Fryers are almost always equipped with a temperature gauge to help in preparing food. And just because it's called a 'fryer,' doesn't mean you're limited to just frying. Traditional fryers are incredibly versatile and can be used to steam lobsters or clams, to boil corn, or preparing soups and stews.

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