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Prefabricated Fireplaces

As should be apparent, a masonry fireplace is a sizable structure, requiring both a great deal of space and a load of material (brick, stone and mortar) that may in total weigh as much as six or seven tons. That home builders in the age of mass housing sought a cheaper and less elaborate way of providing for their customers the quintessential fireplace experience is unsurprising, and in the 1970s developers found their solution in the invention of the prefabricated fireplace. As the name suggests, prefabricated fireplaces are factory built. Most are made of metal and include, as a single unit (if they burn wood or gas), a hearth, a firebox, some manner of convection system (for circulating the warmed air) and a tubular chimney. At the top of the chimney is the chimney pot's prefabricated analogue, the chimney cap — although, whereas the chimney pot is largely decorative, the gaping, orbicular opening of the prefabricated chimney necessitates the installation of a cap, typically pointed, to obstruct the various outdoor objects, both animate and inanimate, that could otherwise very easily enter into and descend the length of the chimney.

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