Charcoal Camping Barbecues and Propane Camping BBQ Grills
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Charcoal Camping Barbecues and Propane Camping BBQ Grills

Propane Campfires

Propane campfires are portable and easy-to-use. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, a portable campfire is great for all your outdoor activities, from camping in the woods to picnics in the park. Most portable campfires come with a removable lid, much like a standard grill, and have two surfaces. The bottom surface is the fire pit, where the flame emits, while the top surface is the grate for cooking. A ceramic log set accompanies most brands of portable campfires developing a glowing ember aura where the flame is hottest to mirror the look and feel of a natural fire without the smoke or ash of a real campfire. As with a normal gas grill, a portable campfire comes with a control valve so you can find the right temperature for cooking, or simply for relaxing around a warm fire in the evenings. A length of hose connects the fire pit to the propane tank (usually bought separately at most local hardware stores). Lightweight and compact, portable campfires come with everything you need to enjoy gas grilled foods, or to just enjoy a peaceful night sitting around the fire.

Charcoal Campfires

Charcoal campfire grills are portable versions of your standard charcoal grill. Charcoal campfires usually include a stake, or two stakes, that are driven into the ground either above an existing campfire, or a separate charcoal pan is attached where you can build a fire. Charcoal campfires come with a separate cooking grate that straddles the fire or connects above the charcoal pan. These small, versatile grills are manufactured with ease in mind. They are constructed to be made for travel, sometimes with foldable legs to lock the lid into place for easy carry, or they may come with their own travel bag, such as the Rebel Grill from Cameron.

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