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Propane Turkey Fryers

You’re gearing up for another summer of camping and cookouts, but the idea of the same old boring hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill isn’t as exciting to you this year. The idea of messing with a dirty bag of charcoal has you longing for something simpler. You want something different, but what other options are there? Fried turkey! That’s right. Even while camping, or maybe just out in the backyard, turkey frying is a delicious, easy, and healthy option compared to the rest of the traditional barbecue fare.

Propane turkey fryers are exceptional alternatives to the traditional backyard BBQ or grill at the lakeside camp. Frying a turkey creates a mouth-watering meal in little-to-no additional time it takes to grill hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, or anything else on a grill. And one might think the health benefits of deep frying any food would be compromised, but it’s not so with a turkey fryer. With only slightly more calories and a few more grams of fat, you won’t be busting your Weight Watchers™ diet with this amazing alternative. You already have a propane tank that you use for a backyard or patio grill, or perhaps you keep one on hand for camping trips, then you can easily hook up any tank to a propane turkey fryer with just as little fuss. And propane fryers warm up the oil much faster than their electric fryer counterparts.

It’s not all pros, however, that propane fryers have to offer. By their nature, they involve lighting and maintaining an open flame beneath the stock pot. The oil, besides being regulated at about 350° for the recommended temperature, is highly flammable. It is imperative not to spill or slop the oil onto the flames in danger of causing a huge flare-up or setting something, from your house or garage, to a tree in the forest on fire. It is never recommended to use a propane fryer or grill of any kind indoors or in close proximity to your home simply for this reason of fire hazard, but propane also releases carbon monoxide which is lethal and therefore should only be burned in an open space or in a highly ventilated enclosed space. Compared to electric fryers, which are easy to control the temperature with their built-in knobs and temperature displays, propane fryers take a little more care and attention to keep the flame at just the right intensity to maintain the proper cooking temperature.

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