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A19 is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. Inspiring minds

Like all truly successful businesses, A-19 is fueled by inspiration – inspiration that is reflected in our work. And our customers, who bring our ceramic lighting fixtures into their homes, share the passion and inspiration of our artists – and the company – that created them.

Creating Distinctive, Usable Art

We go to great lengths to ensure that each ceramic and glass lighting fixture carries our distinct signature of quality. A-19 successfully blends innovative vision with the traditions of gifted artisans. Our talents are poured into each piece we create with a driving motivation to produce the highest quality of distinctive, usable art.

Taking Pleasure in the Work We Do

Through our exceptional teamwork, we’re able to come up with new designs, new solutions, new insights to meet your most demanding needs. It’s the approach we take with every interaction. We take the time to understand our customers. We know what makes them tick. What inspires them to buy ceramic and glass lighting fixtures– and why they come back to buy from A-19 time and time again.

The Signature of Quality

Our family-owned, Ontario, California-based company has the flexibility to produce a full range of light fixtures. All our products, from beginning to end, are made by hand in America. Our wall sconces and pendants are designed, molded, fired, sanded, finished, assembled and shipped directly from our factory in California. Moreover, we respect the impact our business has on the social and physical environment. This is why we hire locally, treat each employee like a member of our family, and promote education and creativity in our community. We also recycle the clay we use to create the lighting fixtures; filter the water we use before it leaves our factory; and use recycled boxes, bubble wrap and office materials. From concept through delivery, we ensure consistent **quality and 100% satisfaction with each and every piece.

Our Story

Like many successful businesses, the idea for A-19 began on the back of a cocktail napkin. Fueled by one Margarita too many after a high-stress work week, Cinnamon Alvarez and a friend sat down at a local watering hole and dreamily hatched their plans to run their own shows. They’d do what they really loved and inspired them. They’d treat their employees like family. They’d make their own hours. They’d never work weekends and take long vacations. They’d change the world! (Okay, maybe they’d just make a difference.)

The following day and over the weekend, Cinnamon’s excitement over starting a new career grew and grew. By Monday morning, she could hardly contain her enthusiasm. A now clearer-headed Cinnamon sat her boss down, looked him square in the eye and launched into her jaw-dropping proposal: She either wanted to purchase the company or start one of her own. To her surprise, he thought it was a great idea and encouraged her to explore it.

Left Brain Meets Right Brain

Flash forward a couple of months. Reality soon set in: Crunching numbers and creating a business plan made it very clear that there was much more to this entrepreneur thing than vision and determination. Cinnamon needed support – and lots of it. So her ex-boss became her mentor; she then approached key co-workers – each an exceptionally talented craftsperson – to see if they were passionate enough to make a go at starting a new company. And A-19 was born.

That was 1995, and the drive to create the highest quality handmade lighting fixtures and to provide a level of personal attention and service unparalleled in any business still lives on.

Functional and Beautiful

Today, A-19 is among the few remaining U.S. lighting manufacturers. Our collections of handmade ceramic wall sconces and pendants are designed, molded, fired, sanded, finished, assembled and shipped from our factory in sunny Ontario, California.

The success of A-19 is a result of our continuous commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. With the needs of the most discriminating end-user in mind, our lighting fixtures are both functional and beautiful. Working in ceramic allows us to capture many styles and adapt to almost every type of décor including, modern, classic and rustic, among others. Like our design team, our lights are bold, they’re are smart, they’re now.

Put Us to the Test

We invite you to see all that A-19 has to offer. We welcome your questions and feedback and hope you will become another proud owner of a piece of our passion and pride.

Every item from A19 ships absolutely free on fireforless.com. Please see their complete catalog of products below.

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