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Bruck Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. WILA, founded in 1857, is a firm with a long tradition. However, change and innovation is also part of WILA’s tradition. Beginning in the 1980’s, WILA established its reputation as an innovative market leader in the area of durable, aesthetic, economical high performance and energy efficient luminaires. WILA has entered the new Millennium with a new strategic focus. We are in the process of transforming the firm into an international brand-name company that offers its customers intelligent lighting solutions for the working environment of the 21st century. WILA’s core area of competence for the future is called Smart Energy. Based on our expansive high performance down light product series, we have expanded our complete spectrum of illumination to include the applications of and E Control (light management systems) using our Multi-Function Down Lights utilizing dual technologies in one fixture. As new technologies emerge and improve we respond. We are currently adding our NEW High Performance LED Down Light series. Our Specification grade lighting solutions will be followed by others but not duplicated. Since its beginnings, Bruck Lighting Systems has operated under the principles of providing energy efficient lighting without compromising superior quality. With seven different track and cable systems, spot fixtures, display fixtures, decorative pendants, and sconces, low-voltage lighting has always been the focus. As technology develops new energy efficient light sources, Bruck continues to design new and innovative products to utilize the latest lighting advancements. Two primary advancements that embody energy efficiency are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Compact Fluorescents . Bruck now offers an LED track system, multiple LED fixtures including some that are adapted for 12V track systems, LED pendants and sconces, and 18W compact fluorescent decorative pendants.

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