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Chicago Brick Oven is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. The idea. The idea that ultimately became Chicago Brick Oven started with a neighborly conversation at a backyard party in May of 2006. We discovered, much to our surprise, that the three of us, who live within a few hundred feet of each other, each planned to purchase a wood-fired brick oven. We figured we’d save some time and money if we bought our ovens together. After doing extensive research, we found that most residential, outdoor, wood-fired ovens bought in this country are imported. That meant once we ordered our ovens, it might be several weeks before they arrived and we were concerned that if the ovens were damaged during shipping, there’d be long and complicated overseas negotiations to get them repaired or replaced. While some of the ovens were made in the Old World, traditional wood-fired markets of Europe, they are primarily made for commercial use, they’re very heavy and looked complicated to install. Others we found are made in China. That’s when we came up with the ideal solution for how we, and others, could get the best-looking, highest-quality wood-fired brick oven without all the hassles, worry and cost. We’d take the best of time-proven, classic wood-fired brick oven design, incorporate the best engineering and technology available, and come out with a revolutionary new brick oven that fits the needs of today’s cooking and outdoor kitchen and entertaining enthusiasts. And, we’d make them in the U.S.A.! That’s why we started Chicago Brick Oven. We hope you learn more from our site and join our growing community of wood-fired cooking enthusiasts. DESIGN An authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. If the fire is not inside the dome chamber, don’t be fooled — it’s not a genuine wood-fired brick oven. Unlike other residential ovens that are out-of-chamber fired or have an in-chamber fire, but a high-dome design, wood burning brick ovens from Chicago Brick Oven feature a low, igloo-shaped dome design that is modeled on the ancient Neapolitan or Italian wood-fired oven design. We’ve added an efficient flue system to create a steady draft along the dome to prevent any smoke from exiting through the front. A Chicago Brick Oven wood burning brick oven makes it easy for a professional like Mario Batali or an at-home chef to cook wood-fired brick oven pizza, steaks and many other recipes.

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