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Hospitality Rattan is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. THE WORLD OF RATTAN AND WICKER

Rattan is a vine that grows to lengths of up to 500 feet in the mountain regions of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, where the rainfall averages 80 inches annually. It is the trunk of a climbing palm that is very long and thin, like a vine and rarely grows thicker than 2 inches in diameter. It is not hollow, but is filled with fibers running lengthwise, which make it very strong. It is pliable and easily bent and curved to form the many shapes of rattan furniture.

Rattan is usually harvested when the vines are between 7-15 years old, where the vines are pruned away from the plant by hand, allowing it to continue growing. The vines are cut into 15-20 ft lengths, stripped of thorns, and washed, dried, and bundled, where they are transported to furniture factories

Wicker is not a material, but rather an overall classification of furniture woven from one of a variety of materials. Many people think of wicker and rattan as the same thing, but the wicker family can be willow, rattan, cane, reed and any other pliable material. Wicker furnishings are made of weaving coarse fibers loosely together around a frame, a process dating back to early Egypt.

Cane usually refers to the outer peel of rattan. After this skin is peeled off the vine, it is

fashioned into strips which are woven into seats or decorative accents.

Bamboo, which is technically a giant cane grass, grows naturally in the warm regions of temperate climates. These bushy plants commonly grow to over 100 feet, and there are approximately 500-1000 varieties of bamboo. Bamboo grows between 2 to 3 inches a day and can be harvested every four years. It is easily identified by its nodular growth and hollow stem. Similar to rattan, bamboo is much stronger, having a tensile strength greater than concrete and bricks, and almost as strong as steel. Often bamboo is used in furniture and although bamboo poles will split, these splits do not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.

Sea grass is wrapped and twisted around wire into ropes and is used in making furniture.

Caring for Wicker- Wicker is easy to clean; the best method being to dust regularly with a soft cloth, a soft brush, or vacuuming the piece with the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. A soft bristled toot brush is ideal for those hard to get places.

To maintain your wicker furniture, periodically wipe it down with a soft damp cloth followed by a light application of a good furniture polish for sheen and protection. If your wicker has become badly soiled, use water and a mild soap solution. Rinse and dry the frames. Bring wicker indoors or cover when not in use.

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