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Johnny Beard is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. America’s leading manufacturer of fireplace bellows, Johnny Beard Company was established in 1975 by Johnny & Rosemary Beard. Johnny utilized his expertise in woodworking, leatherworking, and metalworking to create fireplace bellows that were both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Johnny Beard Company started out with three different styles of fireplaces bellows all designed by Johnny and handmade in an historic bank in Oolagah, Oklahoma. Johnny Beard began selling his creative fireplace bellows to retail shops in the southwest and soon all over the country. In 1979 they relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma where they set up their bellows factory. An ink drawing of this workshop can be seen on the tag of every Johnny Beard bellows. Several expansions and many years later, Johnny Beard Company still operates out this old workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The very first Johnny Beard catalog consisted of Johnny’s pen and ink drawings of each bellows style and descriptions carefully hand written in calligraphy by Rosemary.

Over the years Johnny Beard bellows have come to be recognized as superior quality fireplace products and Johnny Beard is regarded as one of the “most creative men in the fireplace industry”. All Beard products are handcrafted with the utmost care. Johnny still hand signs each product which serves as a mark of excellence. Johnny Beard products are now sold all over the world and have been featured in Architectural Digest, Home & Garden, and other noted publications as well as on HGTV.

Every item from Johnny Beard ships absolutely free on Please see their complete catalog of products below.

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