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Kenyon is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. n 2007, the Kenyon Rio All Seasons™ Grill was awarded the Bronze EID (Excellence In Design) award in the outdoor leisure product category by Appliance Design Magazine’s 20th Annual Competition.

In 2008, Kenyon was honored for innovation in design and technology for the Floridian All Seasons™ Grill by being named the finalist for the Vesta Award.

Also in 2008, Kenyon received special mention at the METS 2008 Trade Show in the challenging DAME design award contest. The product is the patent pending PUPS™ cooktop with integrated Pop Up Pot retention System.

In 2009, Kenyon again was named a finalist in the Vesta Award for the Texan All Seasons™ Grill, thus becoming the first company to being named a finalist in the same category two years in a row. Kenyon International, Inc. has been known as the preeminent custom marine cooktop producer worldwide for decades.

Founded in 1931 by Ted Kenyon, the company began as a small manufacturer of precision instruments for aviation and marine. As business developed in the marine marketplace, the product line expanded to include wind and speed instruments, spars, rigging hardware, refrigeration systems, and finally marine stoves. Concerned about safety at sea, Kenyon led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic electric cooktops for the high seas.

The immense popularity of the ceramic cooktops led to consumer requests for shore side models for use in their homes. Now the same joy and satisfaction known in the finest galleys are enjoyed in homes around the world.

Kenyon designs and builds all of their products in Clinton, Connecticut. As the largest manufacturer in North America of two burner ceramic glass cooktops and stainless steel electric grills, Kenyon utilizes the latest in production technology to compete worldwide. Many of Kenyon’s products have received distinguished awards:

At the METS 2009 Trade Show in Holland, Kenyon received special mention in the cooking category for the Kenyon SilKEN induction cooktop with integral silicone pads and then won the DAME Most Innovative Product award.

In January 2010, Kenyon was honored by receiving the SAIL magazine prestigious Pittman Innovation Award for the Kenyon SilKEN. The SilKEN was recognized to be one of the most innovative products in the sailboat market.

In March 2010, Kenyon was honored to receive the prestigious Vesta Award presented by Hearth & Home Magazine for the Kenyon Lite-Touch™ Q Outdoors. The Lite-Touch™ Q Outdoors is the first UL outdoors approved electric cooktop. The design blends in perfectly with the Kenyon All Seasons Grills to make the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

In April 2011, the Kenyon Custom SilKEN® Induction Cooking System was awarded the Silver EID (Excellence In Design) award in the major appliances and HVAC category by Appliance Design magazine's 24th Annual Excellence in Design Award Competition.

Just as in the beginning days of founder Ted Kenyon, Kenyon International continues to design and build products that lead through excellence of design, ease and safety of use and supports all products with the finest in customer care.

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