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Little Griddle Innovations is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. Little Griddle Innovations LLC is a family-owned corporation based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. In 1997, John Button was asked by the Royal Rangers boys group at his church if he could make something that they could cook mega breakfasts on during their campouts. A tool and die maker by trade, John fabricated a griddle that turned the standard cooking surface of any barbecue grill into a full size, flat, low-stick cooking surface with sidewalls and a grease trough, creating “A WHOLE NEW WAY TO COOK OUTDOORS!” Not knowing it at the time, John had produced the original prototype of the "Griddle-Q". The Royal Rangers loved it! John found it fit on his own barbecue as well. He then made one out of stainless steel and he and his wife, Vicki, started cooking on it at home for family meals, back yard entertaining and they even took it along when camping. They found they could make dozens of family and restaurant quality dishes all outside on their barbecue. It was a huge hit with everyone that saw it and enthusiastic barbecuers clearly wanted one of these griddles to use on their own grill.

Encouraged, John & Vicki made the decision to form Little Griddle Inc. in late 2000. In 2001 Vicki left a successful career in advertising specialty sales to devote full time to their new company becoming President. Shortly thereafter, John decided to leave the tool & die industry behind as well. Together they decided to devote themselves to making the Griddle-Q the next household name. They used contacts from the automobile industry to design and manufacture the final product. They introduced the Griddle-Q to the public at a local Home & Garden Show at which they hoped to sell the 19 units they made. Instead they sold 83 units to customers willing to pay up front and wait 8-10 weeks for production! Next they tested and approached two local hearth & barbecue stores both of which purchased, sold and re-ordered confirming to the Buttons that they indeed had a viable product. At this time, they are selling the Griddle-Q line in the U.S. and Canada via specialty retailers and distributors.

The Griddle-Q ensures high quality and reliability with a lifetime guarantee. Seeing this unique product generates great enthusiasm. The Griddle-Q has the "WOW!" effect. Cooks can now make breakfast, lunch, and dinner outdoors on this shiny solid stainless steel grilling accessory while keeping their kitchens clean of pots and pans and free from the odors of cooking fish and bacon grease. With four sizes available ranging between 13 and 23 pounds, they can cook a dozen pancakes at one time, entertain with Mongolian style barbecue, cook big meals in the great outdoors, be the hit at the next tailgate party, have a Mexican or Japanese party, or even make a dozen grilled cheese sandwiches at Boy Scout outings!

In early 2010, Little Griddle Inc. became Little Griddle Innovations LLC to better support the relatively young and rapidly growing Sizzle-Q line of entry level griddles.

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