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New River is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. New River invites you to explore the possibilities for your outdoor spaces with a complete collection of Casual Furniture. We know you have many choices in selecting outdoor furniture, yet invite you to choose New River furniture for your home, business or project, and having done so, that you will enjoy it for many years to come. As an example, our new RÍve eco-friendly, water-based finishes offer a 3-year warranty for full outdoor exposure. This is a first in the wood furniture category!

We believe that outdoor furniture can contribute to one's taste and style just as indoor furniture does, so, our collections incorporate both classic, timeless designs and many color and finish options to cater to all tastes and living options. Our classic styles have been chosen to add warmth to any decor and enrich every lifestyle.

The Outdoor Lifestyle Collection features premium-quality hardwood furniture made from the finest 100% genuine, natural Brazilian Cherry. Each annual season our lumber is hand-selected and this ultimately results in a better quality of timber Ė healthier wood, straighter grains and with less knots. Ideal for use in quality outdoor furniture. The timber is then kiln-dried in our own kilns to achieve the correct wood moisture content. Then, it is meticulously manufactured to exact mortise and tenon tolerances, both machine and hand-sanded and finally, hand-finished and packaged. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality in every step consistent with our standards.

Here are a few things that we think is special about our wood manufacturing...

Our joints are machined to exacting tolerances and then checked by hand Ė a key feature that ensures our furniture will last longer outdoors compared to our competitors and that makes our RTA furniture easy to assemble. We employ orbital and hand-sand finishing on all our Brazilian Cherry with fine grit sand paper, which gives the furniture a surface finish that is extremely soft to the touch. "Feel the Finish" is an exclusive phrase often used about us in the outdoor industry. We are the first to utilize our revolutionary, eco-friendly, water-based R VE finishes to complement the look of our furniture and to protect the wood. We offer a 3-Year Warranty on Real Wood with Full Outdoor Exposure! Products protected with RÍve require no maintenance for 3 years and only Limited Maintenance for the Lifetime of the Product.

We bring these beautiful items to market only after a painstaking design and manufacturing process. The entire process is performed at our own facilities, under the watchful eyes of our craftspeople ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability across our furniture collections. We use both traditional and modern methods to achieve production standards that usually well exceed those of most indoor or outdoor furniture manufacturers.

Each of our products is designed for maximum comfort, built for durability and hand-finished for long-lasting protection. This dense, beautiful wood, combined with our RÍve water-based finishes offer infinite decorating possibilities in your home and outdoor space. Mortise and tenon construction provide exceptional craftsmanship that is practically maintenance free for many years to come.

This fine, hand-crafted furniture is manufactured by Dabol near Iguazu Falls in Brazil. Brazilian Cherry, including our new R VE finish, is specifically designed for use in full sun.

Well-known for its diverse line of rocking chairs, New River Casual Furniture also features deep-seated collections, traditional and high-dining groups, specialty seating, including chaises, adirondacks, benches, gliders, and swings... plus many accessories.

Classic styles invite mixing and matching of any table and chairs in a variety of outdoor finishes, mixed-media (synthetic wicker and wood) and color options... so choose yours for comfort! We hope you enjoy every luxurious moment!

Environmental Promise

New River Casual Furniture proudly supports environmentally responsible practices to ensure that no endangered species are ever used in any of our products. Through special permits issued by the Brazilian Department of Natural Resources, each individual log designated for manufacturing is hand-selected, marked and transported under strict guidelines.

We work continually with IBAMA and other interested parties to ensure that everything to do with our use of Brazilian Cherry is environmentally correct. We also take great care that all our manufacturing activities follow prudent environmental practices for the good of both our own employees and the people of the local and global communities.

Every item from New River ships absolutely free on Please see their complete catalog of products below.

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