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Sawgrass Mills is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. The footpaths and walkways of our indoor living areas have long been adorned with warmth, softness, and color due to the addition of rugs. It only made sense that with the trend toward outdoor living spaces these could benefit from the same attributes as well. From that thinking, Sawgrass Mills Outdoor Rugs was born. Today, Sawgrass Mills Outdoor Rugs is the leader in floor coverings constructed and designed to be as beautiful as they are functional in the elements due to twenty-first century technology.

Function ... Previously, the thought of indoor/outdoor brought to mind visions of astro-turf or matted golf carpet to be applied to outdoor surfaces; but hopefully never to come in contact with anything but the bottoms of ones' shoes. With the revolutionary introduction of DuraCord® yarns and their superior outdoor performance characteristics and cotton-like softness, Sawgrass Mills Outdoor Rugs can now make outdoor relaxation a head to toe experience. From sunrooms to decks to patios, Sawgrass Mills rugs are being designed to provide comfort and beauty while boasting weather resistance and fade resistance.

Beauty... With the large selection of DuraCord® yarn colors, the design possibilities of our rugs are endless. Sawgrass Mills has studied outdoor decorating and coloration trends and has created our unique lines to provide choice for whatever your outdoor design style.

Construction... Sawgrass Mills Outdoor Rugs are hand hooked using an ancient technique developed in the orient. Combining this technique with today's synthetic materials creates beautifully crafted, soft to the toes, luxuriously thick rugs that are rugged enough to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Whether used on a patio or in a gazebo, these Sawgrass Mills hand hooked outdoor rugs are made to be a perfect accent for any setting.

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