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Sunglo is one of the leading manufacturers in their industry. "We think Sunglo greenhouses are the best on the market today,"

Here's why:

1. Economical. If you've priced greenhouses lately, and we are assuming you have, you will see we are very competitive. Our greenhouse kits feature a Thermostatically Controlled Ventilation System and Aluminum Bench Framework. Besides the fact that a Sunglo greenhouse is a "good buy", it is extremely economical to oprate. Sunglo greenhouses are constructed with two wall panels. This double-wall construction allows for better temperature control than glass. The two layers of high impact acrylic plexiglass create a one and a half inch "dead-air" space. This space provides ten times the insulation of a single pane of glass! This makes a Sunglo greenhouse energy efficient no matter where you live.

2. Strong. Before we built our first Sunglo greenhouse we knew it was going to be strong. What we didn't know was how strong. After running some tests we found our greenhouses supported over 2,500 pounds of snow and withstood gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour without worry! Our heavy gauge DR Acrylic Plexiglass also has 100 times the impact strength of any single pane glass greenhouse to boot!

3. Easy to assemble We provide you with a detailed instruction manual and installation video. All of the components are pre-cut and easy to work with. If you have any experience with hand tools you can easily build our greenhouse.

Every item from Sunglo ships absolutely free on Please see their complete catalog of products below.

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